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11 May '20

Covid 19

Posted by Angeline Bryer

Due to this ongoing pandemic our shop hours have changed for the time being. We are opening Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until 1pm. We have managed to stay open and have been kept extremely busy!

One of the things that we have noticed is that people are coming back to craft. People who haven't knit for 20 years are wanting to knit again. We are also seeing a growth in numbers of customers teaching themselves new skills by watching YouTube. As we can't have any classes for the time being it is great that people are able to learn this way! 

We are still having huge deliveries of yarn arriving and so far the only company that are not delivering to Australia are Hedgehog Fibres. I am still uncertain as to why this is because our delivery services are working flat out and Hedgehog are delivering to other parts of the world.

We have had some difficulty keeping our needle stocks up but our wholesale distributor in New Zealand is running again so hopefully it won't be too long before we can restock again.

If you are coming into the shop please be aware that all social distancing rules apply. It is also a good idea to ring to make sure that we are open.


31 Mar '20

With Regard to COVID-19

Posted by Sue Wheeler
Please read to update yourself on what we are doing in the shop during this Covid-19 pandemic.