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Schoppel-Wolle Knit the Cat 7

Schoppel-Wolle Knit the Cat 7


Now available in English! This pattern book is such an indulgence, a treasure, celebrating the magic of pattern symbols and how they help you transform beautiful SCHOPPEL-WOLLE yarns into amazing finished pieces - altogether a stunning collection of knitted and crocheted designs, presented in vibrant, irresistable colour.

In KTC7 Magic Symbols you will find 30 designs to knit or crochet.

Titel design - Hooded scarf to knit in Alpaka Queen, by Kirsten Röhrig
02 - Jacquard stole to knit in Zauberball 100/Admiral, by Anna-Maria Busch.
03 - Rose Garden coat, crochet pattern in Crazy Zauberball by Unjung Jun.
07 - Tens Stitch Corner blanket to knit in Crazy Zauberball, by Frankie Brown.
16 - Autumn Leaves crochet wrap by Unjung Jun

Featuring the following yarns:
Gradient, Zauberball 100, Admiral, Zauberball Stärke 6 (6-ply), Lace Ball 100, Zauberwolle, Crazy Zauberball, XL, Reggae ombre, Big Disk, Alpaka Queen, Wool FINEST, Cashmere Queen, Leinen Los, Reggae, XL Kleckse, El Linio, 6 KARAT, then new giant knit MISS WOOL and finishing appropriately with a little cat toy to knit with various yarn options, by Annita Wilschut.

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