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Koigu Magazine Issue 10

Koigu Magazine Issue 10


Koigu magazine Issue 10 has arrived! Koigu has self published nine beautiful magazines that included patterns designed by many incredible designers worldwide. Magazine 10 is no different. Featuring designs both knit and crochet, using many techniques.

Koigu Issue 10 features designs from Janice Sumpton, Charles Voth, Deborah Newton, Swaran Dhaliwal, Marji La Ferniere, Irina Poludnenko , Maria Leigh, Unjung Yun, Melissa Leapman, Monika Haas, Lisa Doherty, Caroline Dick, and Maie Landra. 

Yarns used in the patterns are Kpppm, Kpm and Kersti which you will find in our store. The Koigu Magazine comes out once a year.