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HiyaHiya Interchangeable Sock Set

HiyaHiya Interchangeable Sock Set


Interchangeable Sock Sets available with HiyaHiya's smallest tips!

The set contains two small Sharp Tips and three miniature Sharp Tips. Needle Grips with the new Cable Key, four miniature Interchangeable Cables in pink and a pair of small Tip Adapters are also included in a brocade storage case. It is perfect for knitting socks using the Magic Loop method. 

Set contains:

1 x 5" 2.00mm sharp I/C tips
1 x 5" 2.25mm sharp I/C tips
1 x 5" 2.50mm sharp I/C tips

1 x 4" 2.75mm sharp I/C tips
1 x 4" 3.00mm sharp I/C tips

2 x 24"/26" miniature I/C cables
1 x 32"/34" miniature I/C cable
1 x 40"/42" miniature I/C cable

1 x small Tip Adapters
1 x Needle Grips and Cable Key

1 x Interchangeable Case or Circular Case

Colours may vary.

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