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Hiya Hiya 9"Circular Sock Set

Hiya Hiya 9"Circular Sock Set


This fantastic set of 9" sharp circular needles is the perfect tool for all those knitters out there. The set includes the most useful tip sizes for all your knitting projects and is presented in a handy project bag.

Hiya Hiya steel sharp circular knitting needles are made from perfectly smooth stainless-steel, paired with our lightweight design and smooth seamless joins, our knitting needles are a joy to knit with.

The Sharp Circular Sock set contains the following:

2 x 9" 2.25mm sharp fixed circulars

2 x 9" 2.50mm sharp fixed circulars

2 x 9" 2.75mm sharp fixed circulars

1 x 9" 3.50mm sharp fixed circulars

1 x Project bag

Colours and designs supplied will vary.

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