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HiyaHiya Steel Double Pointed Needles

HiyaHiya Steel Double Pointed Needles


When knitting in the round, HiyaHiya's steel DPNs are perfect for all knitters who enjoy the intricacy and precision of a steel tip, with the exceptional quality that HiyaHiya offers. 

HiyaHiya's high quality stainless-steel DPNs are hollow, giving them a lovely lightweight feel, yet strong and perfect for your hand knitted projects. Stitches glide effortlessly over the needle tips enhancing the overall knitting experience! HiyaHiya's steel DPNs contain no nickel coating so are ideal for knitter's with allergies.

Steel DPNs come in packs of five, with three or four used to hold the stitches while the fifth knits.

These DPNs are similar to the sharp DPNs but have a slightly more rounded tip. They are 15cm/6" in length.

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