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Dotty Spotty Crochet Blankets by Shelley Husband Crochet

Dotty Spotty Crochet Blankets by Shelley Husband Crochet


An exploration of the classic circle-to-square granny square crochet pattern - simple, yet ever so effective.  The Dotty Spotty Blanket patterns are perfect for beginners wanting to increase their granny square skills.

Only the simplest of crochet stitches are used to make the dotty granny squares and, with the support included, you will be making your own classic Dotty Spotty blankets in no time.

 Inside you will find…

  • written patterns for five different dot sizes in UK and US terms
  • charts for all patterns
  • hints and tips for perfect circles
  • full instructions for three different blankets, including borders
  • video support for every stitch of the patterns
  • detailed help how to plan your own Dotty Spotty creations
  • a colouring sheet to help with your colour selection
  • a full glossary of every stitch and technique used

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