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About Us

Like many people of my generation I learned as a child to knit and crochet from my grandmother. I have spent most of my life crafting things for my family and friends and have tried many creative mediums. Yarn has always been a passion and for years I longed to own a knitting shop. As far as I'm concerned knitting and crochet have never gone out of fashion. I began my online shop in 2011 with the support of my husband. In 2013, after two years of having workshops and classes at home and when the yarn threatened to take over the house, we moved in to a shop.

At Yarn GLORIOUS Yarn we stock beautiful yarns from around the world as well as yarn that may be harder to find in Australia. We stock quality crochet hooks, knitting needles, patterns and accessories. We continue to expand our range of good quality yarns and try very hard to keep up with the new trends in the market. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service and do our best to send out online orders on the same day that they come in. Orders that come in over the weekend will be posted on Monday.