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Zen Yarn Garden Lux Blanx

Zen Yarn Garden Lux Blanx


We are always adding new and exciting yarns you’ll love working with, and our latest addition features a familiar yarn blend presented in a totally new-to-us way: Lux Blanx! Zen Yarn Garden have pre-knit 150 g of Silk + into fabric and dyed them in unique colour ways for you to knit from! Each blank is individually hand-dyed so no two are exactly alike. 

150 g means you have 750 yards to knit from! Perfect for a special shawl.

The yarn type in each blanx is as follows:
75% sw merino/15% cashmere/10% silk
2-ply light fingering weight | 750 yards
hand wash & air dry 

Stephen West's Dotted Rays Shawl in Pizzazz Colour

What are Blanks?

Blanks are made from fingering weight yarns which have been knit up into fabric prior to dyeing. They kind of resemble short scarves! This creates a canvas on which dyers paint their own artistic colourways onto the fabric, and since each blank is individually hand-dyed, no two are exactly alike. Projects made from a blank knit and crochet up in truly unique ways!

If you want no fuss crafting, you can knit or crochet directly from the  blank. First, you need to find the appropriate end of the blank to start. As with knitting, if you find the correct end of the blank, you can pull and the stitches will easily unravel, much as if you are ripping back your knitting. If this doesn’t feel right to you, you can always wind your blank into a ball and work from there. You can either do this by hand, or attach one end to your ball winder.