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Steven Be - Shawls, Scarves, and Scharves: Wrap Yourself in Creativity

Steven Be - Shawls, Scarves, and Scharves: Wrap Yourself in Creativity


We are excited to be hosting Stephen Be from the US on Tuesday 17th September 2019 for one workshop only. This is Stephen's only Brisbane workshop/appearance and it will run from 6pm to 9pm.  Cost is $100 per person. 

Broaden your knitting horizons and change your life with StevenBe. This workshop is designed to be an amazing opportunity to have fun while learning Steven’s best tips and tricks. It will set you free from patterns as written and help you feel comfortable making your own modifications and design decisions. Remember: a pattern is only a guideline!
Start with a base pattern from StevenBe and learn different methods of creating angles and edges, modifying the shape with modular knitting, adding new colors, and combining fibers in unique ways to customize the pattern and truly make it yours.

Learn to super-size smaller knits and play with a variety of yarn weights to create your own custom colors and textures.

What to Bring in Your Knitting Bag

• Pen, paper, and scissors

• Base pattern of your choice from the StevenBe repertoire (recommended
patterns are Silk N Scribbles, Eyelet Ponchini, Scharf, ShawlvestClick onto pattern name and you will be directed to Ravelry.

• Minimum 3 yarns to work with, we love to experiment with finer weights like
lace and fingering and fiber contents like mohair and silk to be combined
into a heavier weight. Yarns should be chosen and wound prior to class so
we can begin immediately. More yarns can be added during class. Choose a
color palette when bringing your stash to make it cohesive.

• A variety of needle sizes will be needed so bring a good selection. We highly
recommend an interchangeable needle set for this class

• A notebook and pen or pencil for taking copious notes

• Steven’s  most preferred notions, including stitch markers,
tapestry needle, tape measure, and scissors.

• A work-in-progress or finished project for show and tell (the desire to be
admired is not required—but it is recommended!)

How Scharves Works

This workshop will begin with an exercise in knitting to shape without the use of
written words. Review of increases, decreases, and short rows to create shape is integral to this step. Each student will begin his or her project in a corner, side,
center, or top. This exercise-to-project workshop will be a fun challenge to guide
you in thinking outside the box and working creatively. This workshop will leave
you comfortable with deviating from the written pattern and making your own
design decisions.You will work on your project with guidance from Steven,
including a presentation of his favorite tips and tricks. You are encouraged to take copious notes so you can complete your project after the workshop.
To find out more about Steven go to our Workshops page.