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Koigu Pencil Box Collection Book

Koigu Pencil Box Collection Book


Koigu's newest book, the "Koigu Pencil Box Collection" is a collaboration with 12 designers who got creative with Koigu's new Pencil Box Packs to create 14 new patterns. The patterns use all of the 250gms and are a collection of cowls and shawls. The Koigu Pencil Box packs are packs of 10 25g skeins of KPPPM in different variegated colourways.

Designers Included in this book are:

Kathy Merrick
Unjung Yun
Marji Lafreniere
Irina Puludnenko
Deborah Newton
Elke Schroeder
Maria Leigh
Maie Landra
Taiu Landra
Cathy Fascinato
Dianna Brown
Joanna Clayson.