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Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband

Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband


This is a paperback copy in UK crochet terms.

Granny Square Flair is a collection of 50 variations on the classic crochet square. With innovative techniques and inventive combinations of basic stitches, Granny Square Flair is an essential addition to every crochet reference library.

Inside you'll find...

  • 50 crochet square patterns in both chart and written format.
  • At least 3 colour options for each of the 50 patterns.
  • Hints and tips for seamless crochet and how to make your crochet sing.
  • Joining options.
  • 11 projects you can make with everything explained.
  • Guidance on making your own projects from choosing patterns to planning layout as well as choosing yarn and calculating yarn requirements.
  • Glossary of all stitches and techniques used with full explanations.

With Granny Square Flair at your side as your indispensable crochet companion, you and the special people in your life will be wrapped in crochet love that is distinctly yours.

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